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          Ntirile Glove Packing Machine


          A. Main features:
          1. Suitable for all kinds of carton packing, such as exam glove ,nitrile glvoe, cigarette paper, biscuits, food,medicine, tissue box and so on;
          2. Manual loading of materials to the conveyor belt, mechanical automatic glue, sealing, size can be adjusted;
          3. It can save much more consumable than by manual;
          4. Adopting automatic touch screen control to adjust specifications is convenient and fast;
          5. The air purifier cleans the gum taste intelligently, that makes the production
          workshop to maintain the air fresh.

          B. Working Instructions:
          1. Firstly, power supply to ensure that the line of the equipment is safe and smooth;
          2. Turn on the power switch and the machine starts heating automatically;
          3. According to the hot melt glue to set the heating temperature of the sealing
          machine, to be completely melted;
          4. Press the start button and connect to the power supply;
          5. Place the carton of the product to the box sealing machine;
          6. Push into the carton gently, and then it begins to finish gluing, covering, and
          passing out automatically.

          Taifeng company, like the original mind, has always been committed to the production of professional, safe and reliable medical, inspection, household and industrial latex, nitrile glove production lines, mask machines, cigarette paper folding machines, cigarette paper printing and cutting machines, face napkins, napkins, toilet paper machines, balloon production lines and printing presses and other mechanical products., the company pays close attention to product quality and reputation, and has passed ISO9000 certification system and CE certification, so that the quality of the company's products is in line with international standards. The development over the years has been trusted and praised by customers, and the products are not only sold to most provinces and cities in China, but also exported to Spain, Egypt, Colombia, Japan, South Africa and other countries and regions.

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